Home DNA Test

With the advancement of technology and popularity in DNA testing, you no longer need to attend a clinic to have samples collected and analyzed. A number of companies offer a home DNA test kit that gives you everything you need to complete the sampling process in the comfort of your home. You simply follow the instructions provided, complete the consent forms and return all items to the company providing the analysis.

The most common way to collect a sample for analysis using a home DNA test kit is using a buccal swab. This is similar to the cotton swabs you may have in your medicine cabinet at home. You put this swab in your mouth and scrape is against the side to collect tissue and saliva. Once you have collected the sample, you put it in the container to return for analysis. Some companies send a specialized card that you smear the tissue on instead of returning the buccal swab.

Why Do People Take Home DNA Tests?

There are several types of testing that is available in home DNA test kits. The most common is a paternity or maternity test where both parties are consenting

to submit samples to ensure a biological link between the parent and child. Samples are collected from both the father and child and submitted for analysis. Ancestry DNA testing can also be completed utilizing a home kit and can help answer questions regarding your ancestors place of origin and where the family migrated throughout the years.

Another type of test that can be completed at home is the DNA siblings test where two parties want to confirm a biological link where one parent is in question. The analysis can confirm or refute a sibling relationship through DNA analysis.

Home DNA test kits are only acceptable when used for peace of mind purposes or for collecting information about your family’s heritage. These test results are not generally admissible in court as they have not followed a chain of custody procedure to ensure that the identification of both parties is correct as well as ensuring proper samples are collected. If you need DNA results for a matter before the court or immigration purposes, a home DNA test kit is not something you’ll be able to use.