Dog DNA Test

DNA testing is no longer just for identifying biological relationships or identities of human beings. A number of companies now offer a dog DNA test kit for man’s best friend, the common canine. Cross breeding of different breeds of dogs have brought about a variety of loveable pets but quite often it is not exactly known what breed of dog it is. Using a dog DNA test kit you can unravel the mystery concerning your dog’s exact genetic makeup.

Using a cheek swab, you collect a sample of your pet’s tissue and saliva to be submitted for analysis. The laboratory analyzes the specimen’s submitted using over 400 DNA markers and starts comparing your dog’s genetic makeup to over 100 of the most popular breeds of canines.

Dog DNA Testing

The dog DNA heritage test will look at three areas of your dog’s breed. The first area to be analyzed is the “Primary” breed that your dog’s genetic makeup demonstrates. If your puppy’s DNA shows a majority of one particular breed, it will be indicated in the report. With most crossbred dogs, a Primary breed will not be designated.

The “Secondary” breed reports will indicate the most easily recognizable breed of dog based on the DNA results. While your dog may or may not resemble the secondary breeds listed, these are the breeds that most influence you’re a crossbred puppy’s genetics. Lastly an “In The Mix” category will list the breeds that are at low and measurable amounts during the dog DNA test analysis. Again, these may or may not influence your dog’s appearance.

Find out your dog’s breed with a dog DNA test!

Some purebred owners have turned to dog DNA testing to confirm that there are no crossbred traits in their dog’s DNA. This is especially true for breeders of popular breeds of dogs for the purpose of resale. A report on the dog’s primary breed can accompany the purebred breeder’s certificate as confirmation of purebred status.

Dog DNA tests are great for those people who would like to positively answer the common question of ‘What type of dog is that?’ as well as breeders looking to confirm the validity of a purebred dog’s breed. Getting more information on how you can get a DNA analysis conducted on your pet could now be much easier.